Young Women of Geoscience (YWOG)

Meet the YWOG

Here we present interviews with different Young Women of Geoscience (PhDs, postdocs etc.) and their views on being a woman in science. Click on the links below to read their full interviews!


Ronja Ebner sitting in front of two computer screens

“If you feel like there is a problem, talk about it. If people do not listen, talk to different people”

Meet Ronja Ebner, PhD candidate – Department of Earth Sciences



“It’s amazing to know all these women have my back”

Meet Merel Postma, Editor and Press Officer – Geosciences Communication and Marketing








“If you have a dream, just go for it”

Meet Safaa Naffaa, Research Assistant – Department of Physical Geography




“Believe in what you want and believe in yourself”

Meet Lonneke Roelofs, Junior Lecturer – Department of Physical Geography



“You shouldn’t have to play the game, you should just do science “

Meet Jana Cox, PhD candidate – Department of Physical Geography



“Do what you like and see where that takes you”

Meet Frances Dunn, Post-Doctoral Researcher – Water, Climate & Future Deltas Hub



“Women more naturally work together and collaborate”

Meet Lisanne Braat, PhD candidate – Department of Physical Geography





“It’s normal to feel insecure”

Meet Anne Baar, PhD candidate – Department of Physical Geography




“Stick to what you love and you will reach the stars”

Meet Sanja Selakovic, Post-Doctoral Researcher  – Department of Physical Geography