Young Women of Geoscience (YWOG)


21 March 2023
Minnaert 201

What do I call you? A conversation on pronouns

She, her, he, him, they, them – what are pronouns, and why do we need to talk about them at work?

Please join us on 21 March for ‘What do I call you? A conversation on pronouns’.

We will discuss the relationship between sex, gender, gender identity and expression, and sexuality. Together we will learn the right and wrong ways to ask about someone’s pronouns, how to use gender neutral pronouns in English and Dutch (do you use ‘die/diens’ or ‘hen/hun’?), and the current Utrecht University policies and future plans around gender diversity. Sometimes someone’s pronouns are what you expect them to be, and sometimes they aren’t: hear from one of your colleagues about their experience as a non-binary academic.

Please see the event page on the intranet for more information and to sign up.