Young Women of Geoscience (YWOG)


Parenting after Pandemic: Effects of daycare and teacher shortages on Geosciences employees

Last year, the Young Women of Geosciences organised a parenting panel to discuss the difficulties of parenting during a pandemic. After the worst pressures of the pandemic lifted on most aspects of daily life, many parents are still being impacted by the aftermath of the pandemic because of daycare and teacher shortages. Especially international empl0yees without family nearby are having a hard time.  

On 1st November during lunch our doors will be open to everyone wanting to discuss their experiences, coping strategies and needs surrounding the topic of parenting after the pandemic. Using this input, we can create an overview of who is affected in which way, and map what the university can do to help. We can put faces and numbers to the problem.  

Join us in VMA 1.15 or on Teams.