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16 January 2019
13:00 - 14:00
Vening Meinesz A

Role model inspiration session with dr. Frederike Bungenstock

Report: Role Model Session with Friederike Bungenstock
Date: 16th January 2019
Speaker: Friederike Bungenstock
Following her keynote talk at the Brunings Lecture 2019 (https://www.uu.nl/en/research/department-of-physical-geography/research/biomorphodynamics-of-living-river-and-coastal-landscapes/brunings-lecture/2019-lecture) dr. Friederike Bungenstock (http://nihk.de/mitarbeiter/dr-friederike-bungenstock.html) came to speak to a group of 10 attendees about her experiences as a female scientist. Friederike works for the Niedersächsisches Institut für historische Küstenforschung as a geological researcher. Following initial influences of her father as scientist and a close friend who worked as a geologist Friederike was inspired to study geology at university and enjoyed it so much she continued on to complete a PhD in coastal sediments. We discussed the differences between university life and working at a research institute. Further topics were maintaining work life balance particularly managing having children and achieving your scientific goals. We debated the merits and drawbacks of part time contracts including the issues of pregnancy leave, childcare and other issues associated with parenthood. We also noted some differences between the German and Dutch systems for these situations. We spoke about dealing with male-dominated environments and communication and assertiveness when surrounded by “alpha-male” behaviour. We further discussed the gender gap in higher paid and more powerful positions and our hopes for change in the future. Friederike also emphasised the importance of building your network and how this can be inspiring, motivating and lead to collaboration.
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