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13 November 2018
Vening Meinesz A

Workshop Be(come) who you are

Date: 13th November 2018
Speaker: Ilse van Os

We had a workshop entitled Be(come) who you are given by Ilse van Os with 12 attendees. This involved a series of exercises (groups of 2-3) and discussed our roles in life and which were most important at the current time in life. Roles differ depending on what stage you are in your life. We also discussed our idea of what women should be and how we developed our view about this based on what we learned about men and women from our parents. We did this by doing a Buddha Inquiry. How do our ideas about what a woman should be flow from our parents ideals? People shared their views about issues they encountered based on their gender. We discussed the concepts of aggressive, assertive and passive and what these mean. We talked about male versus female, what is the difference (if any), what do these differences mean practically and how these “female” characteristics have value and should be valued. We discussed our own strengths and also indicated the strengths of our colleagues. We finished with a critical discussion of the workshop.
Women in Academia Group 2018